Invited speakers

Conny Aerts (Belgium)Measuring and decoding stellar pulsations
Luis Balona (South Africa)Stellar variability
Bruce Bassett (South Africa)Machine learning and Big Data
George Djorgovski (USA)Following up transient detections
Laurent Eyer (Switzerland)Understanding the Galaxy in detail
Rob Fender (UK)Radio transients
Giuliana Fiorentino (Italy)Precise cluster photometry
Duncan Galloway (Australia)H-E variability and transients
Melissa Graham (USA)LSST
Daryl Haggard (Canada)X-ray surveys
Susanne Hoefner (Sweden)Stellar variability and pulsations
Daniel Huber (USA)Feeding the Kepler and CoRoT revolution
John Hutchings (Canada)UV and X-ray variability from AstroSAT
Stephen Justham (China)Progenitors of explosive stellar transients
Eric Bellm (USA)Life beyond the PTF
Michelle Lochner (South Africa)Astroinformatics
Tara Murphy (Australia)Keynote Opening Talk
Klaus-Peter Schroder (Mexico)Robotic hi-res spectroscopy
Zheng-Hong Tang (China)TDA from the Chinese plate-digitizing project
Barry Welsh (USA)Pulsars and SALT

Titles of talks are actual or indicative.