Invited speakers

Conny Aerts (Belgium)Measuring and decoding gravity-mode oscillations: rotation and chemical mixing inside stars
Luis Balona (South Africa)Stellar variability
Tom Barclay (USA)The space-based photometry revolution
Bruce Bassett (South Africa)Challenges and opportunities for machine learning in the time domain
Eric Bellm (USA)Life beyond PTF
Janet Ting-Wan Chen (Germany)The electromagnetic counterpart of the gravitational wave source GW170817
George Djorgovski (USA)Time domain astroinformatics
Laurent Eyer (Switzerland)Understanding the Galaxy in detail
Duncan Galloway (Australia)High energy variability and transients
Melissa Graham (USA)LSST: Data pipelines and products
Daryl Haggard (Canada)Discovery and opportunity in the X-ray time domain
Susanne Hoefner (Sweden)Stellar variability and pulsations
John Hutchings (Canada)UV and X-ray variability from AstroSAT
Stephen Justham (China)Forming the progenitors of explosive stellar transients
Michelle Lochner (South Africa)Unlocking the Universe with astroinformatics
Tara Murphy (Australia)Keynote Opening Talk - Transient science in the era of gravitational wave astronomy
Ben Stappers (UK)Fast radio transients: From pulsars to fast radio bursts
Zheng-Hong Tang (China)TDA from the Chinese plate-digitizing project
Barry Welsh (USA)Pulsars and SALT

Titles of talks are actual.