Workshop 1Radio transients in the era of multi-messenger astrophysicsRob Fender, Gemma Anderson, Marcello Giroletti, Kirill Sokolovsky
Workshop 2Stellar variability: From citizen science to citizen astronomyStella Kafka
Workshop 3Get ready for TESS: an on-hand software tutorialJennifer Burt, Tom Barclay
Workshop 425 Years of the southern skies monitoring by OGLELukasz Wyrzykowski
Workshop 5A-type stars as a unique challenge in time-domain studiesGautier Mathys
Workshop 6X-ray binary transients in the Magellanic Clouds and the Milky WayPhil Charles
Workshop 7Towards science with LSST: Data products and communicationMelissa Graham
Workshop 8SupernovaeMaximilian Stritzinger, Takashi Moriya
Workshop 9The multi-dimensional power of listening to your dataJeffrey Cooke, Wanda Merced Diaz
Workshop 10New instrumentation for transient follow-upChristina Thoene, Antonio de Ugarte Postigo
Workshop 11Astroinformatics, machine learning and transientsPrajval Shastri, Bob Nichol, Michelle Lochner, Bruce Bassett
Workshop 12Nuclear transientsSeppo Matilla
Workshop 13Accessing data for long term variabilityElizabeth Griffin
Workshop 14Calibration and standardization Christiaan Sterken

The time table for the workshops listed above is available here: workshop program (see page 6, updated 8 November).

The outlines for the workshops listed above is available here: workshop outlines (updated 8 November).

Should you wish to organise a small additional discussion session or workshop at IAU Symposium 339, please contact the SOC chairs.