Daniela Huppenkothen (USA)High-energy phenomena and TDA
Marcello Girolet (Italy)Transients
Stella Kafka (USA)Stellar variability: from Citizen Science to Citizen Astronomy
Prajval Shastri (India),
Eric Feigelson (USA)
Chris Pritchet (Canada)Supernovae
Malcolm Coe (UK)X-ray binary transients in the Magellanic Clouds and the Milky Way
Rob Fender (UK), Gemma Anderson (Aus)Radio transients: a) Science, b) Methods of Detection
Seppo Mattila (Finland)Nuclear transients
Elizabeth Griffin (Canada)Accessing data for long-term variability
Melissa Graham (USA)LSST special programs
Chris Sterken (Belgium)Calibration and Standardization
Jeffrey Cooke (Australia), Wanda Diaz Merced (South Africa)The multi-dimensional power of listening to your data
Bob Nichol (UK), Michelle Lochner (South Africa), Bruce Bassett (South Africa)Machine learning and transients
Lukasz Wyrzykowski (Poland)25 years of the southern sky monitoring by OGLE
Jennifer Burt (USA), Tom Barclay (USA)Get Ready for TESS: a hand-on software tutorial
Gautier Mathys (Chile)A-type stars as a unique challenge in time-domain studies: periodic variability on timescales from minutes to centuries

Titles of workshops are actual or indicative.

Workshops will be proposed, and organized, by attendees; please email to register your suggestions, and your willingness to organize them.