Talks – pdf version

 New developments in the past 5 years 
Tara MurphyTransient science in the era of gravitational wave astronomy (keynote)
Tom BarclayThe space-based photometry revolution (invited)
Matt BurleighThe Next Generation Transit Survey
Anais MollerFirst results from the SkyMapper transient survey
George DjorgovskiTime domain Astroinformatics (invited)
Barry WelshThe Berkeley Visible Image Tube on SALT: From flare stars to the search for ET (invited)pdf
Elme BreedtGaia alerts: the transient sky as seen by Gaiapdf
Lukasz WyrzykowskiOGLE survey in 25 years in service for time-domain astrophysicspdf
Manisha CalebFast Radio Bursts - From multi-beam receivers to interferometers
Explosive Transients
Ben StappersFast radio transients: From pulsars to Fast Radio Bursts (invited)
Stephen JusthamForming the progenitors of explosive stellar transients (invited)
Gemma AndersonDiscovering radio transients from triggered and targeted observationspdf
Deanne CoppejansMulti-wavelength jet studies in Cataclysmic Variables and superluminous supernovaepdf
Griffin HosseinzadehEarly blue excess from the type Ia supernova 2017cbv
Laurent EyerUnderstanding the Galaxy in details (invited)
Janet Ting-Wan ChenThe electromagnetic counterpart of the gravitational wave source GW170817 (invited)pdf
Seppo MatillaA dust-enshrouded tidal disruption event in a luminous infrared galaxy
Francisco ForsterThe High Cadence Transient Survey (HiTS): early supernova light curves
Luca IzzoFollow-up observations of Classical Novae: recent results and future strategies
Long-term and stellar variability
Zheng-Tong ZhangTDA from the Chinese plate-digitizing project (invited)pdf
Luis BalonaStellar variability (invited)pdf
Robert SzaboThe K2 RR Lyrae surveypdf
Gantcho GantchevPhotometric variability of luminous blue variable stars on different time scalespdf
Kirill SokolovskyThe Hubble Catalog of Variablespdf
Susanne HoffnerStellar variability and pulsations (invited)
Conny AertsMeasuring and decoding gravity-mode oscillations: rotation and chemical mixing inside stars (invited)pdf
Christoffer KaroffStrong shear and high-amplitude activity cycle in metal-rich solar analog
Gautier MathysPeriodic variability on time scales of decades to centuries in magnetic Ap stars: challenges and strategiespdf
Zdenek MikulasekPeriodic variations of variable stars from precise photometric surveys pdf
High Energy
Daryl HaggardDiscovery and opportunity in the X-ray time domain (invited)pdf
John HutchingsUV and X-ray variability from AstroSAT (invitedpdf
Nobuyuki KawaiX-ray transients observed with MAXI
Arne RauX-ray transients in the SRG/eROSITA All-Sky Surveypdf
Sergey MolkovLMC X-4: different types of long-term variability pdf
Duncan GallowayHigh-energy variability and transients (invited)pdf
Phil CharlesTransient X-ray binaries in the Magellanic Clouds and the Milky Way observed with SALTpdf
Erkki KankareA new population of highly energetic nuclear transientspdf
Matthew GrahamThe future of AGN variability studiespdf
Igor AndreoniThe Deeper, Wider, Faster program: chasing the fastest bursts in the Universepdf
Christiaan SterkenThe problem of standardization in time domain astronomy
Can our techniques meet the challenges
Michelle LochnerUnlocking the Universe with Astroinformatics (invited)pdf
Bruce BassettChallenges and opportunities for machine learning in time domain astronomy (invited)
Thomas MathesonA novel method for transient detection in high-candence optical surveyspdf
Abhijit SahaEarly recognition of rare and peculiar temporal phenomena from alert streams
Kerry PatersonMeerLICHT: MeerKAT's optical eyepdf
Eric Bellm Life beyond PTF (invited)
Ashish MahabalDeep learning in the time domainpdf
Valentin IvanovTime domain instrumentation at ESO
David BuckleyThe SALT transient programpdf
Christina ThoneOCTOCAM: A new transient follow-up workhorse for Gemini-South
Puji IrawatiHigh time resolution astrophysics using the Thai 2.4m telescope with ULTRASPECpdf
Melissa GrahamLSST: Data pipelines and products (invited)pdf
Matthew LehnerThe Trans-neptunian Automated Occultation Survey (TAOS II)pdf
Jennifer BurtTESS science and follow-up in the southern hemisphere pdf
Elme BreedtClosing remarks